Make Friends with Your Emotions

guy looking over cloudsGoing through challenging times includes lots of different emotions…

Believe it or not, God gave us emotions to help guide us, much like a GPS. When we can see our emotions as giving us valuable information that we can learn and grow from, it helps us be a compassionate friend to ourselves.

When feelings come up, it is healthy to stop and listen instead of judging or pushing them away. Instead, step back and ask yourself questions such as:

What is going on inside me?

What do I need?

What message is this feeling sending that I need to address?

What can I do to address the problem my emotions are letting me know exists?

How can I help soothe and calm myself in this moment?

For many of us, the above responses to our emotions are not our instinctual reactions. Instead, we may gloss over our feelings, react strongly to them, push them down, or go numb. These responses occur because we haven’t learned healthy ways to process our emotions; consequently, we repeat what we’ve learned growing up even if it’s not effective.”

~ from Give Yourself a Break: Turn Your Inner Critic into a Compassionate Friend, by Kim Fredrickson, soon to be released on 7/7/15

Questions for You to Ponder:

~ What is it like to think of your emotions as a friend who is trying to help you pay attention to something important?

~ What do you think your emotions are trying to tell you right now?

~ What is one thing you could say or do to make friends with your emotions?


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2 thoughts on “Make Friends with Your Emotions

  1. Thanks, Kim. I don’t know that we are quite friends yet, but I am working on it. I’m becoming much better at taking the time to check in with myself. I’m paying attention and listening to me. I’m more aware of the choices I have. All of this is relatively new, but I notice the more I practice, the more natural it becomes. I’m better able to stay present and not “numb out.”

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