Don’t Left Things Unsaid…

Don't Left Things Unsaid...
A couple of months ago
I was letting colleagues know that I was closing my counseling practice due to serious health concerns. A Therapist that I collaborated with in the past, but whom I don’t know personally, left me the most wonderful voice mail. She encouraged me about the positive impact I’d had in the community, which was a great blessing to me. The words that stuck out the most were…”I didn’t want to keep this inside, unspoken…not let you know”.

That really got me thinking…what words of encouragement do I want to share with others that I haven’t put into words? I know there are many times I am thinking something positive about someone, but I don’t say it out loud…like somehow they’ll just know.

I’d like to challenge you to think about this too…

~ Whom in my life would I like to encourage? What have I left unsaid?

~ What specifically would I like to tell them? Ideas: How they have impacted you personally; Character traits in them you admire? Words you think of whenever you think about them? Favorite memory with them?

~ What are ways I could tell them? Ideas: In a letter; In an e-mail; Call them on the phone; Forward them this post and tell them you came to mind, and then share specifics; Meet for coffee.
~ When am I going to do this? Write it on your calendar/phone/ things to do list, etc. Maybe share with one person that came to mind every other week. Don’t left things unsaid…

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