God Will Give You What You Need!!!


Western S-C speaking1 croppedI want to encourage you that no matter what you are going through, God will give you what you need

I was struck by this a few days ago after I was honored to speak to over 50 Therapist and counseling students at Western Seminary, Sacramento.

My topic was “Self-Compassion in the Counseling Office” – and what a joy it was to share some helpful tools they could then share with their own clients.

Part of the event included everyone celebrating the launch of my new book, and also a homecoming for me to give a class again at Western Seminary. It was so good to be back… I had previously been an adjunct professor teaching Masters level Marriage and Family Therapy students for 15 years.

Western S-C speaking2 croppedEveryone was so kind and welcoming and many shared that they were encouraged by my resiliency and faith in the face of all I’m going through health wise. I only mention this because as I reflected on this wonderful day, reconnecting with so many therapists and former students in the area…

I was struck by how God has provided what I need in every situation

He is the one holding me up, feeling his presence and love, providing the resources and support I need, helping me grieve and adjust, and finding me ways to still contribute by blogging, writing, radio interviews, local speaking, etc.

I am overwhelmed by His goodness to me amidst all the hardships. For a” brief moment” I was even grateful for having pulmonary fibrosis because it has widened my ability to share the message He has given me about the transforming power of self-compassion integrated with our faith. Ok, it was only a moment…

 So here is my encouragement to you…no matter what you are going through, God will give you what you need.

You see, He loves you and wants to help you through whatever you are going through. He has compassion toward you, and His heart breaks as you suffer and struggle through the difficult parts of life.

He provides support and help often in the most unlikely ways and places. Ask Him to provide what you need and look for His answers. There are blessings and things to be grateful for if you look for them…but hint…they won’t appear in the ways you think.

I truly hope today’s post was helpful to you. I care about each and everyone of you, and would love to hear your response to what I’ve shared in the comments box below.

What was most helpful for you about this post? What got you thinking? What is hard about what I shared? How has God given you what you need…especially in unexpected ways?







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