Do What You Can


Do What You Can

Do What You Can

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted because I’ve had a lot going on and I told myself, “Do What You Can.”

You know what that’s like, right? You’ve got plans, and stuff to do, but then unexpected things happen and what you hoped for doesn’t occur.


I thought about this a few weeks ago when I was at the gym. Now this is a very different kind of gym…it is a Pulmonary Rehab Gym. It’s for people who have lung conditions who need to be monitored (oxygen levels and heart rate) while exercising.

First realize that the term “exercise’ is probably different than you are thinking. It means moving my body while using supplemental oxygen and having my oxygen levels and heart rate checked every 10 minutes. My speed on the treadmill is .9 miles per hour – That’s really slow, but it is what I can do.

There are some very unique things about this gym:

~ First, we had to take a 10-session class on how to take care of your lungs. We learned all kinds of things, and learned how to “exercise” with compromised lungs.

~ Second, we had a graduation at the end, including a graduation picture that was mounted on a board called “Geezer Graduation.”

~ Third, I’m 58 and the youngster in the group. I’m the only one with Pulmonary Fibrosis; most everyone else has COPD or Emphysema. I’m in my 50’s, everyone else is in their 70’s and 80’s.

Kim Bike


I share all of this because I get discouraged at times, feel lame for what little I can do, and often feel so different from the rest of my gym buddies. Yet, my task is to keep my body and lungs as healthy as I can…so I keep going.

How about you? I’m sure there are plenty of areas you wish you were able to do more. There are times you feel discouraged and want to give up. There might even be instances where you compare yourself to others and feel you come up short.

That’s hard, and it is perfectly normal. Sometimes there are seasons of like you just do what you can do. Be kind to yourself about the struggles or limitations you might have. My encouragement to you is this:

~ Let yourself feel sad or regretful for what you are unable to do

~ Be kind to yourself, “Yes it’s true that I wish I could _________. That shows how much I care and that I want to do my very best. Right now, for really good reasons I’m not able to. I will do what I can, and be a good friend to myself during this time.”

~ Do what you can do, and realize even if it is small, inconsistent, or takes a long time…that every effort counts, every step matters, and so do you. How you treat yourself is more important than the result.

I hope this post has been helpful in encouraging you to be kind to yourself, and do what you can. I would love to hear your response to what I shared. Please share with anyone you think could benefit.

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