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Seize the MomentI recently returned from a Seize the Moment experience on a 4-day trip to Austin TX. Our family and extended family congregated in Austin to celebrate our son getting his PhD in Physics from the University of Texas, Austin (Go Longhorns)!

It was a wonderful celebration and we are so proud of our son for this huge accomplishment! Mind you, he didn’t get these “science smarts” from me – I almost failed my college physics class!

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I wanted to share with you how touched I was during this trip…not only the celebration for our son, but also of the commitment of so many people being there. 4 loved ones came from Washington, 1 from Idaho, 2 from So California, 1 from Ft. Worth, TX, 2 from Austin, 3 from Houston, and our crew from the Sacramento area.


We all celebrated together, and enjoyed connecting with one another. It once again reminded me of how short life is, and how important it is to Seize the Moment…to celebrate, be grateful, encourage, and spend time and energy on meaningful things. My first blog post 6 months ago, Don’t Wait! shares about this idea too. Here’s a link to a meaningful article about being intentional about how we spend our time, especially regarding the relationships that are meaningful to us

Everyone who came sacrificed their time, vacation, hard earned money, and setting aside others important things. They came to honor us, and celebrate our son.

This took lots of preparation, saving money, planning, and lots of prayer. With all the problems I have with my lungs, it was possible I wouldn’t be able to fly, and we might have to drive to Texas! God answered my prayers and I was able to fly instead! I prayed about this every day for a year.

While this is a big example of Seize the Moment, the important principles at the core apply to less striking examples. How did everyone make a decision to invest so much for 4 days in December? Well, they wanted…

~ to celebrate our son’s huge accomplishment in a tangible way

~ to support my husband and I – especially in lieu of my serious health problems”

~ to spend time together while I’m still able to travel

~ to meet our future daughter-in-laws family, most of whom, we’d never met.

~ to stay in touch with nieces and nephews as they move into young adulthood.

~ to visit the Great State of Texas, and eat great BBQ!!!BBQ small

~ to Seize the Moment that is here…not letting it slip away…

3 of our dear family members were not able to come because of serious health concerns. I am creating a slide show and video for them so they can experience these moments in a different way.

So here are some questions for you:

~Is there some event, opportunity, or experience that is tugging on your heart you want to be a part of…either for yourself or someone else?

~Is there something you don’t want to look back on and say, “I missed it”?

~ If you’ve ruled out the above dream before because of finances, or time, or ability…are there other possibilities, or creative ways to still be a part of something that is dear to your heart?

I hope this post was helpful, and will cause you to pay attention to the whisperings inside to “Seize the Moment”, no matter how big or how small.

I’d love to hear your comments below. Please share with others who might benefit!

SNEAK PREVIEWI also had another amazing moment visiting a friend in Texas that I’d never met before in person. Look for my next blog post to find out all the details.

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