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widget-bookHello There,

I hope you all had a meaningful Christmas Holiday, and that as the New Year approaches you will include being compassionate and kind with yourself as a top priority. I could use your help…so thought I’d just come out and ask.

My publisher let me know that, Barnes and Noble, and Christian will be offering the e-book version of Give Yourself a Break for only $1.99 from today, December 30th through January 3rd.

I could use your help getting the word out. Could you share this post on social media (use the buttons below) or forward this e-mail to your friends? If you share on social media could you tag me (it will also show up on my page)? Thanks…it would mean a lot to me. I want as many people to know about the healing power of self-compassion integrated with our faith as possible.

Thanks so much! I’ll check in again after the New Year…I would love your input as we head into the New Year about topics you’d like me to address from a self-compassion perspective. I want this blog to be as helpful to you as possible. Please share your ideas below.

Thanks so much for the help with topic ideas as well as spreading the word about the e-book sale of Give Yourself a Break.

Compassion and Blessings,



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