Reclaim a Part of Yourself

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself?

Do you sometime not recognize yourself, and wonder where you went? You are not alone. The difficulties of life, necessary adjustments, and demands on you from a variety of sources can diminish parts of you, or push them to the side.

The good news is that you can reclaim and restore aspects of yourself that seem to have gotten lost.

Seasons of life can be difficult and require that we do what is necessary, and often urgent to survive and to care for those God has given us. We have a lot on our plates, that cause us to set parts of ourselves aside:

~ An aging parent

~ A difficult boss or difficulties at work

~ A child with special needs

~ A health crisis in your life or someone you love

~ A spouse who is going through difficulties

~ A teenager dealing with mental health or addiction problems

~ Loss of loved ones through death, divorce or estrangement

~ Financial difficulties

~ Your own personal and relational struggles

~ _____________________ (fill yours in here)

I recently was able to reclaim a part of myself in an unusual and unexpected way.

Before my health crisis started three years ago I was very active as a therapist and public speaker. I enjoyed both of these gifts God gave me immensely.

Now that I’m home and on oxygen most of the time, things have changed for me. It has been difficult to not be able to express an important part of myself through counseling and teaching. I’ve been grieving about this loss, while also am grateful to still be able to share with others through my blog, newsletter, and book. I need to reclaim this part of myself.

A little less than a month ago, I decided to do some videos teaching about self-compassion and living a healthy life. So far I’ve done three 20-minute talks, and they have been a delight! I’ve enjoyed doing them, and they seem to be meeting the needs of those who are tuning in.

After the first one I thought, “I just reclaimed a part of”

You can watch these on YouTube. Have a look if you’d like:

  1. Health Update, and “Why Self-Compassion is So Hard”
  2. “Compassion for Others and Yourself”
  3. “A Compassionate Way to Deal with Weight and Body Issues”

My next talk will be Dealing with the Difficult Person in Your Life: How do I Balance Love, Compassion and Boundaries? It’s really nice to be able to get a part of myself back, and have a way to express myself and connect, despite the limitations of my illness.

So, let’s think about you

I’m going to ask you some questions to ponder how you are doing in this area. The purpose is to help you think about aspects of yourself that have been on pause, because of all you’ve been handling in your life. These questions are not implying you’ve done anything wrong! If anything, you have been heroic and courageous in what you’ve been handling. These questions are precious, and are for you to ponder. No need to share any of these answers below unless you’d like to.

Think about what you have been going through and whether there are aspects of yourself or personality that have receded while you’ve been handling life.

~ What did you used to do, that you don’t do now?

~ If you could recapture something in your life what would it be?

~ What/Who have you been handling that has changed some of the focus of your life.

~ What is one small thing you could do to recapture yourself just a bit?

I hope this post has been a help to you as you check in with your precious self. Keep this topic in mind, even if you are not in a place to do anything different right now. Life has it’s seasons, and as a new season comes, you may be able to reclaim a part of yourself.

I would love to get your input.

What stood out to you? Which of the statements above resonate with you? How are you a good friend to yourself, and what else would you like to do to support yourself right now?

Please leave your comments below and share on social media or via e-mail with others who might benefit!

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2 thoughts on “Reclaim a Part of Yourself

  1. Kim, I am so enjoying what you share!! I read last week what you posted from your friend about suffering and shared it with a friend of mine who just lost her husband. I am not on facebook so look forward to watching your entries on Youtube–especially about the difficult person in your life and establishing boundaries. I was just telling someone how I use to be this and that but now am not…what happened to me? I am glad you are addressing it because I lost a part of me I really liked. I am going to be reading all of the blogs above about this subject!!
    Thanks for letting God use you “where He has planted you” right now.
    Thanks again,

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