Don’t Wait!

I’m doing something a little different today…sharing my very first blog post from over a year ago. The message is just as important today: Don’t Wait !

In the last week I’ve found myself saying Don’t Wait to three different friends who were sharing something they’ve always wanted to do. One was thinking of writing a book, one was thinking of taking a long-desired trip, and the third friend was wanted to do a major project in her home.

I kept thinking, you never know what’s around the corner that might prevent you from doing what is important to you.

Maybe the time is now…

I’m writing this after getting back from a trip to Eugene, OR where my husband and took a train trip from Sacramento and back in a sleeper car. We’ve always wanted to take a sleeper car, and thought, don’t wait!

Yes…I know there are always reasons to put it off:

~ Too busy
~ Too much money
~ Too many commitments
~ I’ll do it later
~ That’s in the future
~ That will be too hard for….

And the list goes on…

Here’s 3 reasons why waiting might not be a good idea…

  1. You never know what’s around the corner. Your health or a loved ones health may suddenly change and you might not be able to do what’s on your heart.
  2. Circumstances will always be limiting…no matter when it is. Don’t wait for the perfect time…that perfect time most likely won’t come. Make it a good enough time.
  3. Pushing down a heartfelt urging for years and years, never to be attempted or realized is bad for you. You’ve got a part of you that is poking, prodding, or yelling at you ”I’ve always wanted to…” To ignore that voice is like saying everyone else matters but you.

The reality is that everyone matters…you and others

Here’s some questions to ask yourself…

  1. What have I always wanted to do?
  2. What are the reasons I haven’t?
  3. What is a way to pursue what’s on my heart, while still considering others?
  4. What is a smaller version of this I could start with? For instance, rather than
    writing a book, write an article and post it for free on Rather than climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, join a hiking group and climb a local peak. Rather than redoing your whole kitchen, redo a closet or bathroom.
  5. Notice how it feels to follow your heart and the part of you that is saying, “Don’t Wait!” Tell yourself, “Your desires are good…let’s figure out how to make this happen”.

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