Each Day is a Gift!

Each Day is a Gift! www.kimfredrickson.comYes, Each Day is a Gift!

It’s been two weeks since Thanksgiving, and I am grateful that I am still in the land of the living this Holiday season, and what a blessing each day and each breath is.

Of course, keeping it real…I wish I didn’t have pulmonary fibrosis, and I wish I wasn’t so aware that my life will be shortened because of it. At the same time, this reality has caused me to focus on what matters, and to make wise decisions about how I spend my energy and time. Each day is a gift!

I wrote about gratitude a few weeks ago, and today I want to share an amazing 6-minute video that a friend shared with me. I am so touched by it’s message of the power of gratitude in our lives…

Please watch…it is worth your precious time

I don’t want to influence your experience, so I’ll wait to share what struck me until after you’ve had a chance to watch it. You will be encouraged…


I took away a lot from this video

  • Each day we have is not just another day…each day is a gift.
  • Live each day as if is your first….Live each day as if it is your last
  • Look around at God’s beauty…it is all around…in nature, in weather, in people…look at the beauty and wonder all around
  • Look at each person you meet, who has a unique, important story; you are one of those people
  • Appreciate and have gratitude for the gifts that are all around you. Open your heart to them and let them flow through you
  • Let everyone you meet today be blessed by you, your eyes, your smile, your touch, and by your presence. Let the gratitude you have overflow to bless those around you.

This touched me deeply, because for me it helps me be aware of the sacredness and importance of each moment and each day I have. It helps counter what I am often aware of…which are all the days I won’t have.

It helps to give purpose to each encounter I have with others

I want my moments to be about spreading love, comfort and encouragement to those God brings across my path. It helps counter my negative thinking that my best years are over…maybe they aren’t. Maybe I still have a lot to experience and to give to my family, friends, and others I meet. Maybe I have a chance to be a greater impact in others people’slives because of what I’m going through.

I’m sharing from a place of gratitude because that is where I am in this process of adjusting to the reality of having pulmonary fibrosis. I was diagnosed 2 ½ years ago. I’m slowly getting worse and I’m not in denial about this. Because it has been a while since diagnosis I’m able to step back and have this perspective…at least today.

I know that you are going through many difficult things too

If whatever you are going through is recent, you are experiencing a lot of pain, or are processing a recent downturn of some kind, you may be understandably overwhelmed by grief. Trying to have gratitude about anything may be impossible now. That is normal; it’s part of the process. Let yourself be where you are, and be kind to yourself about wherever that is.

Just know that sometime, either now or in the future, you may be able to savor the good in your life now

My kind encouragement to you is this: You matter, what you are going through matters, and every day and every breath you have before you is a precious gift. Be a kind and compassionate friend to yourself along the way.

I hope you were blessed by this video, and I would love to hear how you were touched.

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22 thoughts on “Each Day is a Gift!

  1. Today will be different for me because you shared this video today, Kim. THANK YOU!! You truly are a blessings in my life.

    1. Hi Carol…I’m so glad. It changes the day when we look at people and our interactions through the eyes of gratitude 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing this video. I can really relate to enjoying the moment with gratitude and my day has been enriched.

  2. It is hard to have gratitude when you are in the middle of your trials. Even though I don’t want to, I thank God for my trials and pray I will always see something good come from them. Even the most painful of my experiences I give thanks. I am thankful for each and every day I am alive and pray I will be a blessing to someone today.

    1. Cathe…love your perspective…giving thanks in all circumstances, knowing there will be good in it somewhere. Thanks for sharing with us today.

  3. Oh, Kim… how this touched my heart and filled it with reminders of the beauty of the earth, the sky, the sea…. a d the joy of the people God brings across our paths each day.
    My heart is full of worship now.
    Thank you and may God bless you with many more days to si g His praise and adore His wonders.

  4. Kim..this is so so touching. I’m smiling amazed at how God has blessed others through your life..in sickness and in health. This message of gratitude is exactly what God is teaching me right now. So much so that I’ve written about it on our blog (www.revealingthestory.com/party-in-the-puddle) our family is focusing on gifts He’s given us each day around the dinner table, I’m speaking on it next week at a women’s tea. Because life is a gift..every breath. I know you know that even more deeply than I do. Thank you for pointing out eyes to see God’s goodness around us. You continue to inspire me.

    1. Thanks so much Alyssa. I just read your blog post, and love it. Finding gratitude in the messiness of life. I know those who hear your message at the tea will be blessed 🙂 Thanks for being such an encouragement to me!

  5. Your life story has impacted my life Kim!
    I’m taking classes toward my Master’s in “Pastoral Counseling” and 1 of the assignments was to complete a “Life Story.” I love what Paul Pettit writes in the book “Foundations of Spiritual Formation” regarding life story: “My life story is God’s story, authored by him…I am the only one who can reflect his glory through my story…As my story intersects with your story as a part of his story, we become story keepers of God’s story and offer, in community, his story to the world. Story is a catalyst tool of God, growing the individual and building community so that they bring him glory and offer the visible presence of Christ to a watching, needy world” (Pettit, 2008, p.218).
    Kim, you have been a catalyst to me, causing me to grow and reevaluate the concepts of acceptance, gratitude, and compassion toward myself. Thanks for sharing your life (story) with us via this blog.
    Thanks for the wonderful video – it was challenging and helped me re-focus on what’s truly important in this crazy, busy world.

    1. Nancy…thanks so much for your comment! I love what you shared from Paul Pettit…what a beautiful quote. How wonderful you are working on your Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling. I’m sure you are learning so much, and will bless others in return. What an honor that my story has been an encouragement to you. God is so good to use what I have to offer for good. Blessings to you, and thanks for taking the time to encourage me 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing, Kim. The truth? Today, even a video like that and your precious words of encouragement, aren’t enough to lift my sadness. I’ll be patient with myself. I’ll look for ways to comfort myself and I’ll try be a good friend. I bet tomorrow will be better.

    1. Roberta…thanks so much for your honesty. There are days that our sadness is present for very good reasons. I love the caring way you are responding to yourself, with hope for a better tomorrow.

      1. Your response. Your understanding. They are gifts. Thank you. May my gratefulness overflow into blessing others as I see more clearly today the “beautifuller things” all around me. My heart is ready…

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