Encouragement from the Bible

I wanted to share my new hobby!

I receive so much encouragement from the Bible, and enjoy creating beautiful pictures with verses from the Bible. I hope they are a blessing to you today!








I’d love to hear from you.

Which of these verses encourage you the most?

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20 thoughts on “Encouragement from the Bible

  1. What a creative way to encourage yourself, and bless others, too!
    The Isaiah verse and picture is my favorite. It is both an encouragement and a reminder of His glory.
    Thanks for sharing, and for being such an amazing witness and example of “courage under fire”.

  2. THANK YOU, Kim! These are lovely! I’ve shared them with my mother-in-law via email, as she is definitely a “kindred spirit” in faith with you, as well as living with the challenges of PF.
    I follow your blog regularly and especially enjoyed seeing your CELEBRATION photos from your son’s wedding!!!! Was delighted to share in your joy and humble gratitude for the outpouring of love that made such a trip possible for you!
    God bless you, Dear Lady!

    1. Thanks so much Christi, I’m so glad that these are encouraging for you and your Mom. Thanks too for celebrating with me about being able to attend our son’s wedding. It was so wonderful…and I’m still smiling 🙂 Blessings to you and your Mom as well.

  3. Romans 15:13 has been my strength lately. I cling to God’s promises each day, but it is amazing how individual scriptures pertain to what you are facing at the moment or throughout times of trials and refining.
    Thank you for expanding the “hobbies” of your ministry. You are a blessing to me…..to us!
    You are loved, you know!

  4. —Wow, that is some really good work. Excellent graphic resolution on the pictures and good matches of verses to the pictures. The one with Psalm 107. . . .The huge wave and the small boat is really powerful! . . .That format would make a nice presentation for church. Just the Bible verses with the wonderful pictures in a presentation. —Just let God’s Words speak. . . .Oh my. . .who can fathom the mysteries God has concealed? I mean how? . . . And how can I look to Him when even His shadow is too bright for my eyes? ―The source of every life and every thought? ―How is that even possible? . . . . .Lord God, free me from my vast insecurities by softening my heart. Lord God, help me find more of your Light.

  5. Love Love Love!
    Isaiah 57 .15 blessed me most today but I love them ALL.

    Kim, I can see that God plans to bless you mightily through this new project, and through you, many others.

    I look fwd to seeing more.

    Love and prayers, as you mentioned things were a little tough right now.

    Mary xx

    1. Thanks so much Mary…it took me a little while to figure it out. His Word is so powerful to our hearts and minds. Thanks so much for the love and prayers. I can feel them all the way from New Zealand!

  6. Wow! I have never seen Hosea 11:4 like I did when I saw it on your post!
    The words, “Gentle cords…Bands of love…Take the yoke from their neck” jumped out at me. So many people need to see how gentle and loving Jesus is. He is the One who can take the heavy burden off of their neck (corresponds with Matt. 11:28-30 which is another favorite of mine).
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful, thought provoking verses!

    1. Thanks Nancy! My hubby found that one for me. I’m keeping a running list of encouraging Scriptures to pair with just the right picture! I’m so glad they are an encouragement to you 🙂

  7. What a beautiful way to encourage others! I’m in love with Romans 15:13 right now! I shared it with my sisters this morning! Thank you.

  8. Absolutely beautiful pictures and the scriptures are great especially to me now as I am mourning the death of my father and trying to get my life back on track.

    1. Hi Ruth, so sorry for the pain and grief you are going through with the passing of your father. Give yourself time to mourn…so glad these pictures are a help to you. Sending a hug to you.

  9. Hi Kim,
    Putting a picture with the scripture adds to the meaning. I like the words in Isaiah 57:15. Knowing God’s cares about our feelings is important. The picture with Isaiah 54:10 is especially pretty with the glowing sky.

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