The Power of Love

The Power of Love
I’ve been impacted this week by both the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, as well as the outpouring of love and help by so many. I know there is no way I can ever truly understand what has happened, or what those affected are going through.

I have several friends and extended family who live in Houston, and I am lapping up information about how they are doing, and what they are seeing first hand.

My friends tell about the love, generosity and support they’ve seen firsthand for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. They have seen the love of Christ demonstrated in powerful ways:

• Enormous donations of food, clothes, supplies, and practical help
• Volunteers sorting donations to disperse to those in need
• Cooking hot food for local shelters and delivering to neighbors
• Strangers helping others with the clean-up — ripping out soggy carpet, insulation, sheet rock and ruined possessions
• Comforting one another through hugs, prayers, scriptures and a listening ear.
• Counselors offering free or low cost counseling, which will be needed after the trauma that comes after living through a disaster and the aftermath
• Everyday folks risking their lives to save others
• Financial support

My friends saw firsthand the love of God shared with those who desperately needed help, and were blessed in return. Their common suffering connects them all. It is such a testimony of what can be accomplished when we unite together to help others, while holding tightly to our Lord Jesus Christ.

This inspires me to be active in helping those God brings my way, in the ways that I can. We need one another.

How about you?

How have you been impacted by what you’ve seen and heard about the effects of Hurricane Harvey? Do you know anyone directly affected? How have you been inspired in your own life? Do you need a team to support you through a difficult time?








6 thoughts on “The Power of Love

  1. As you know, I am a native Texan and lived in Houston. Seeing my “home” devastated by Harvey is very emotional. I have seen intersections, businesses and areas of Houston that are very familiar to me. My niece and her family and her mom, step-dad and brother are all OK. But, they have many friends and co-workers that have lost everything. A dear friend in Humble is working with her local church to provide emotional support and necessary items to those in need, and her son is also working with his friends to do the same. I am still awaiting news from numerous other friends. The Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse and other large organizations are doing a wonderful job in this terrible aftermath, yet the individual and small group efforts can sometimes make all the difference in the world with that personal touch of neighbors helping neighbors. I am praying for all affected by this hurricane and those still in its path until it abates. My prayers are also for those that are being victimized by looters that take advantage of others during a disaster like this. May the looters be motivated to think first, consider their actions and act appropriately. I am always reminded of the disaster in Japan and how honorably the Japanese people responded with integrity. There is just so much need for prayers, donations, support, encouragement, patience, integrity and, of course, love.
    I know that you, too, hold up the people of Texas in your prayers. Thank you.
    You are loved!

    1. Dear Ann,

      Oh my, it is so much harder when you know the area personally and know those affected. So appreciate your heart for the victims of this hurricane, and the aftermath. So appreciate your heartfelt prayers for all. I’m right there with you.

  2. Thank you Kim for this beautiful testimony of the truth about our humanity. We are wired to share sorrow and joy. It is indeed in response to tragedy that the spirit of power and love and sound mind rises up to prove God’s good will. For we are indeed His offspring with the authority to love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  3. “How have you been impacted by what you’ve seen and heard about the effects of Hurricane Harvey? Do you know anyone directly affected?”

    I know no one directly affected but it brought back *horrific* memories of when I lived in the Cayman Islands and Hurricane Mitch, the second deadliest Atlantic hurricane on record, came through. That hurricane matched the fourth most intense Atlantic hurricane on record and was a peak Category 5 status, the highest possible rating on the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale. It dropped 75 inches of rainfall and killed over 11,000 people directly (11,000!) and over 12,500 were left missing (I’m sure they died too). Deaths were from drowning and mudslides mostly as it went into Central America. Additionally, about 2.7 million were left homeless as a result of that hurricane. In these situations, like this current hurricane, we can’t ever pray and give enough.

    “How have you been inspired in your own life? Do you need a team to support you through a difficult time?”

    It would be wonderful to have a team but so often in life only the Lord stands with us. . . . 2 Timothy 4 “. . . . .At my first defense, no one stood with me, but everyone deserted me. . . . But the Lord stood by me and strengthened me. . . . So I was delivered. . .” Ultimately, it is us and the Lord only who have to cross the “Jordan Rivers” of our lives. . . .but it is so, so wonderful when we do have support. That said, Christ always walks in when the rest of the world has walked out.

    1. Aleea…what a perspective you have having been through Hurricane Mitch. I can’t even imagine…
      You’re right, having a team to support us makes such a positive difference. Even if not, The Lord stand with us…
      Thanks for taking the time to respond 🙂

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