Health Update and a Prayer Request

This week I’d like to update you about my health and ask for your prayers. Most of you know that I’ve been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, a terminal lung disease.

Two weeks ago I visited my pulmonologist at University of California, San Francisco. I was a little nervous, because my last appointment 6 months ago was very discouraging. I had worsened significantly. This time I got better news…no change since the last visit, which was encouraging. My doctor is in my corner, and keeps referring me to the lung transplant team. I keep getting a “no” because of a unique situation.

I developed pulmonary fibrosis as a rare complication from the chemotherapy and radiation I received to treat breast cancer 4 years ago. Now that was a low blow! Centers who perform lung transplants require a patient to be cancer free for 5 years before they will consider you for a transplant (I’m 4 years cancer free). As you can imagine, this constraint has been very difficult to deal with, hoping I’ll still be alive at the 5-year mark.

This time, however, when my doctor referred me, the transplant team said, “yes!” This doesn’t mean they will admit me for the in-depth testing that is required, or put me on the list. It just means they are willing to schedule an appointment, and talk with me. But…it is a great first step.

There are things I need to do to get myself in better shape, such as eating healthier, exercising more, and losing some weight. I’ve known that making these healthy changes would be good for me, but now I feel very motivated. It’s so nice to have a health goal to work toward.

I decided to ask for support and prayers, so I did a facebook live video to share the news and ask for prayer. You can watch here if you’d like. I am so amazed by the amount of love, prayers and support I received. It encourages me and strengthens me for the road ahead. I share more about specifically what I’d like prayers for in the video below.

To be honest, the process of considering a lung transplant scares me a lot. #pulmonaryfibrosis #ILD #lungtransplant #IPF Click To Tweet

I’ve decided to get as much information as I can, and take the time I need to process everything I learn. I know there is a possibility that I may not be deemed a suitable candidate, but it is worth a try!

Thanks so much for reading about my health update. I’ll keep you posted on how everything goes. I appreciate your love, support and prayers.

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40 thoughts on “Health Update and a Prayer Request

  1. Hi Kim, that is truly good news. I’ll join you in the eating right and exercising. It sounds a lot simpler than it really is. Ha!
    Love to you and Dave. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Dear Kim
    Fantastic News!!!! I’m so happy that there may be other options to consider and most importantly that you have Hope for the future! What a wonderful Christmas gift.
    My prayers are with you.
    Hugs 🤗 Luana

  3. Hello Kim. I’m so glad to hear amidst the ‘big’ stuff taking place in your life you are able to find joy in small things. Is is a particular joy for me to see your smiling face and hear your voice. I will indeed pray for God’s guidance in the next steps of your journey. On another note, I don’t know if you knew this but I was a farmer for many years,
    And after my husband died I continued to do the marketing end of a business we had built. One of the products I market is organic Wild rice. Recently I visited a restaurant to whom I sell my product. The restaurant prepares only plant based foods and does it in such a delicious way. The owner talked with me at length about the many testimonials (including her own) of people who had adopted a plant based diet and are now recovering or recovered from very serious illness. Strengthend immune systems are one of the most outstanding benefits, and according to Mai the owner of Au Lac restaurant in Fountain Valley Ca., a large contributor to the body’s recovery process from illness.I tell you all this because I thought it might interest you as you make changes to your life. I intend to try a more plant based approach to eating myself in the new year and see what happens. You remain in my prayers dear Kim. May the Lord richly bless you and your family this season. Sincerely, Christine Livingston (former student and lifelong devotee to compassionate self care, thanks to You)

    1. Hi Christine! Of course I remember you 🙂 Thanks so much for the info on plant based diet. I am looking at this as an option. Thanks so much for all your prayers and encouragement! Merry Christmas 🙂

  4. Praying! You’re an inspiration to me and God uses you over and over as a conduit for blessing others (me specifically). Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year!

  5. Good morning! I am rejoicing with you over your good news and the HOPE that you have in getting to at least talk to the ones making the decisions on who gets on the transplant list! This is what I have been praying for already, so I will just ramp up those prayers for God’s will and for a productive and encouraging meeting. In a class that we offered at church, we said that HOPE stands for Hanging On Praying Expectantly. That is exactly what I am doing!
    Love you more!

  6. Great news, Kim! I’m happy for this step forward. I’m praying for you as you journey on toward continued health and healing.
    Big hugs to you!

    1. Kim,
      Have a friend that had a double lung transplant about a year ago. He is doing great and able to drive himself around town which has given him his freedom back.

      Praying for you and remember God loves you!

  7. That is truly encouraging news. Thank you for sharing. We are praying for your health and that God has plans for years to come.

  8. I am rejoicing with you! We continue hold you up before our “Daddy”. I wish you and Dave and wonderful Christmas and a miraculous New Year. Hugs to you!

  9. Just read this from your blog today. Thanks so much for sharing. Praying God’s will be done in all of your life. Also, that He gives you His wisdom and discernment. Praying He shows you exactly how you should exercise and what you should eat and drink. You are precious and I so appreciate you.
    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year-may He answer all these prayers in ways that are beyond what we could even imagine.
    Much love,

  10. Outstanding news Kim! Praying for the transplant team and all the physicians involved in your care to be guided by the love and wisdom of Jesus. You are a miracle. I thank God for you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Way to keep the faith girlfriend! Love to you!

  11. Wonderful news Kim! I will be praying for you in this effort!!!! Praying that the Lord continues to grant yo open doors! 🙂

  12. I’m grateful for this encouraging news, Kim…even if it isn’t a definite answer. You continue to inspire me with how you keep pressing on, in spite of all of the challenges. I have been praying for you and Dave on Fridays, that the Lord would be giving you what you need each day, and holding you through this. Blessings! Shaune

  13. Loved hearing of no further deterioration in the last year.
    Thrilled you are on the lung transplant list. Praying God’s favour!!!
    May you stay well without any further deterioration until you can get this transplant.

    Merry Christmas dear Kim.
    You are loved, and prayed for by many.

    Mary in New Zealand.

  14. Hello Kim.ツ✞😊 💕 —Even when I don’t get to post because of heavy travel↪✈, I’m still always praying for you. —My prayer group too!🙏💗✨

    I am so, so happy to hear of your progress toward the lung transplant list. —I’m so praying you get the lung transplant.

    —Yes, eating healthier, exercising more. —I’ll be praying you have the motivation. —Press on, press on and He ✝ރ 😊 will lead you through. . . .

    I so love how you model *everything* you are trying to teach: compassion, kindness, pressing on under seriously hard circumsatnces❣😊 💕―Merry Christmas🎄🎁

  15. Kim – Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! Thank you for sharing so we can pray more specifically. Getting strong and healthy IS hard work but invigorating once you get momentum. Ive been working hard this year to get stronger too as I heal from 30+ years of chronic pain. I also have researched a ton of eating programs through my journey. I’d be happy to share what Ive learned if you would like.

    1. Dear Elisabeth, Thanks for your encouragement and prayers…much appreciated! So glad we’re on this journey to be healthier together. My plan is going well so far, but I’ll pick your brain in the future if needed. Thanks for your help.

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