When it Rains, it Pours


Hello Friends,

Sorry I haven’t said “Hey” or posted a new blog post recently. It’s been a crazy two months!

A whole series of events (positive and negative) have happened in the last 2 months:

  • My website got hacked and wasn’t working for two weeks
  • I went through testing to see if my cancer had returned – it hasn’t! Praise God!
  • Just got back from a long trip for my Dad’s memorial
  • Getting ready for Christmas

That was a lot to go through in a short period of time – Thus, no blog posts!

Sending you my love and blessings! I hope you have a warm and meaningful Christmas season. I’ll check back with you in January!

Hugs, Kim

6 thoughts on “When it Rains, it Pours

  1. Hi Kim, Wow! What a bisy two months! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Enjoy your family and friends and some well-deserved rest too in the midst of all the celebration! All the best, Roberta

  2. Hello Kim,
    I want to thank you once again for all your helpful information you provided and for having this blog. I came to your blog countless times since May when my Grandfather was diagnosed with IPF. I searched numerous times what it would be like at the end of life scared thinking Will he suffer? Every symptom he felt I came here for answers and a better understanding and I always found them in your blog and the comments; I’m utterly grateful for that.
    My Grandfather passed away 12/11/18 his symptoms leading up to his passing in November he started to feel his chest uncomfortable he went into the hospital had it checked out everything looked good but it was his heart overworking to get oxygen. He also started to walk less because his oxygen level would decrease even with his oxygen on 24/7. A week before his passing he felt very cold and had a high fever which landed him in the hospital. The last five days of his life he was doing pretty good he was alert and finishing his food and wasn’t experiencing pain but the pulmonologist Wanted him to take oxycodone every 4 hours it is supposed to relax his breathing, but I think he was doing much better without it. Hours before his passing I did notice he was wheezing later that night he passed in his sleep, I don’t think he suffered.

    1. Dear Victoria,
      Thanks so much for your encouraging comment about the helpfulness of my column. I’m so glad. So very sorry to hear of your Grandfathers passing. I know you must miss him so much. I so appreciate you sharing what his passing was like. This is a comfort for the rest of us. I send love and comfort as you grieve.

  3. I feel that you and Joni Erickson should know one another…do you? She is walking the journey of cancer…I actually think you two would be best of friends and encouragement to one another. Just saying….

    1. You are so sweet Sue. Joni is one of my heroes! She has gone through more than 1000 people should ever have to go through. I think we’ll all be the best of friends in heaven. Just saying…

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