Learn to Give Without Resentment


Do you struggle with resentment? Do you sometimes feel like you are the one doing all the giving and sacrificing, while others around you aren’t doing their fair share? If the answer is “yes”, then you are not alone. I learned this concept many years ago when I developed a tool to help myself with […]

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Include Yourself in Your Life!

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  Part of developing a compassionate relationship with yourself involves including yourself in your life That may sound strange. Let me explain. So often, for a variety of reasons, we often make decisions about how to spend our precious time, energy, focus, funds, and effort without factoring in our instincts, needs, and desires for our […]

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Setting Healthy Boundaries with Myself


Everyone I know has trouble setting healthy boundaries, myself included! It’s easy to think about how hard it is to set boundaries with the challenging people in your life. What we sometimes forget, is how important it is to set healthy boundaries with ourselves. So that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you today.* […]

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How Boundary Problems Show Up in Our Relationships

Last week I shared why strong relationships need healthy boundaries. It’s normal to struggles with boundaries in our relationships with God, ourselves and others. This week we’ll talk about boundary confusion with God and others. Next week we’ll take a look at boundary confusion with ourselves. You might wonder how problems with healthy boundaries shows […]

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Strong Relationships Include Healthy Boundaries


Wait, What? Aren’t Boundaries Meant to Keep People Out? Today I continue my series on Pursuing Healthy Relationships…with God, Ourselves and Others. This week we’ll dig into why strong relationships need healthy boundaries. What Is a Boundary? In the simplest sense, a boundary is a property line.  Boundaries indicate the beginning and end of something. […]

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Step Out and Seek Help for What Matters to You


I just took a bold step to ask for help I have a big goal that really matters to me. Our son is getting married in a little less than two months. We love his fiancé’ and are thrilled about their wedding. We’ve been planning a way to attend for well over a year. We […]

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We Often Devalue Our Need for Emotional Connection

We Often Devalue Our Need for Emotional Connection What does this mean? It means not valuing the need we have for close and loving relationships, and instead doing mental gymnastics to not feel the pain that comes when a relationship ends or is less satisfying than we need. We devalue our needs in order to […]

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Healthy Relationships Include Emotional Connection!

Emotional Connection in Relationships is Vital! We’ve been talking about how to Build Healthy Relationships for the last several weeks. We spent quite a few weeks talking about how important a strong sense of self is to forming healthy relationships, and explored how we developed our beliefs about ourselves and how to strengthen our relationships […]

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Self-Compassion Fuels Kindness

The Healing Power of Kindness

  Today I have the pleasure of sharing a guest post I wrote for my friend, Jennifer Christian, MFT.  Jennifer and her husband, Jeff, started a facebook community centered on promoting kindness in our world, called “A Word Imagined.” They challenge us to “imagine a better world. One word of kindness can create ripples of […]

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Practical Tools to Build Healthy Relationships with God, Yourself and Others

Are You Ready to Learn Practical Tools to Build Healthier Relationships? I’ll bet the answer to that question is, “Yes!” Over the last month we covered Principle 1 in this series: To have healthy relationships you need to develop a strong sense of yourself; a sense of who you are as a person – who […]

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