Treating Ourselves with Kindness When We Fail

I just finished my manuscript for a new book I’ve been working on, Give Your Kids a Break: Parenting with Compassion for You and Your Children. It’s at my editor right now, and I hope it will be published in November. It’s been enjoyable to work on, and I’ve been working very hard.  Along the […]

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The Benefits of Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Is All the Hard Work of Growth Worth It? Such a good question. It takes a lot of work to produce growth in our lives. As a Marriage and Therapist for 30 years, I was often asked, Will all this work I’m doing to grow and change really pay off? Will it make my relationships […]

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Encouragement from the Bible

I wanted to share my new hobby! I receive so much encouragement from the Bible, and enjoy creating beautiful pictures with verses from the Bible. I hope they are a blessing to you today!               I’d love to hear from you. Which of these verses encourage you the most? […]

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Here’s How God is Prompting Me…How About You?

God has been prompting me in unexpected ways, How about you? The last 4 years have been a wild ride for me. God has been prompting me to minister to others in ways that I could have never imagined. You don’t have all day, so here’s a quick recap…along with some questions for you. 2013 […]

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When Christmas is a Mixed Bag

A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t imagine writing this blog post But here I am…so I thought I’d keep it real. The last two weeks have been mixed – to say the least. Dec 1- 4  We went to So Cal to visit my 93 year-old father who has lung cancer, and my husband’s […]

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Sustaining Hope…When It’s Hard To Keep Hoping

Sustaining Hope...When It's Hard To Keep Hoping

I’m not big on Hope…even though I have a sign that says Hope on my porch year round. Are you thinking…Wait…what? How can she say that? I want to be encouraged here…. I’m not big on attaching hope to: ~ Outcomes I can’t control ~ People I can’t influence or change ~ Situations in the […]

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Losing Our Spiritual Footing

Hope when we losing our spiritual footing in the face of extreme difficulties.

I have the honor today of sharing a post, “Losing Our Spiritual Footing”, by my author friend, Georgia Shaffer*. Georgia and I met when Georgia was gracious enough to provide an endorsement of my book, Give Yourself a Break: Turning Your Inner Critic into a Compassionate Friend. Georgia and I also shared a rough last […]

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Reclaim a Part of Yourself

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself? Do you sometime not recognize yourself, and wonder where you went? You are not alone. The difficulties of life, necessary adjustments, and demands on you from a variety of sources can diminish parts of you, or push them to the side. The good news […]

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Fight for Yourself

Kim Fredrickson shares how important it is to fight for what you need. She gives practical steps to help you advocate for yourself as a compassionate friend

Fight for Yourself What did you think when you read, “Fight for Yourself”?     Probably a lot of different responses!   Scared – Fight is a dangerous word No Way – I can’t, don’t know how, I’m not supposed to Yeah! – That’s right, I will, what she said! Confused – Huh? What does […]

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Give Yourself Time

Give Yourself Time I apologize for not posting for quite a while…I was giving myself time as I’ve been going through a lot of transitions lately. A few weeks ago I was speaking at my Retirement Party put on by Western Seminary, Sacramento. They hosted this lovely party for area therapists and my past students. […]

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