Losing Our Spiritual Footing

Hope when we losing our spiritual footing in the face of extreme difficulties. www.kimfredrickson.com

I have the honor today of sharing a post, “Losing Our Spiritual Footing”, by my author friend, Georgia Shaffer*. Georgia and I met when Georgia was gracious enough to provide an endorsement of my book, Give Yourself a Break: Turning Your Inner Critic into a Compassionate Friend. Georgia and I also shared a rough last […]

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Reclaim a Part of Yourself

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself? Do you sometime not recognize yourself, and wonder where you went? You are not alone. The difficulties of life, necessary adjustments, and demands on you from a variety of sources can diminish parts of you, or push them to the side. The good news […]

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Fight for Yourself

Kim Fredrickson shares how important it is to fight for what you need. She gives practical steps to help you advocate for yourself as a compassionate friend www.kimfredrickson.com

Fight for Yourself What did you think when you read, “Fight for Yourself”?     Probably a lot of different responses!   Scared – Fight is a dangerous word No Way – I can’t, don’t know how, I’m not supposed to Yeah! – That’s right, I will, what she said! Confused – Huh? What does […]

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Adjusting is Hard

Change Happens…and Adjusting is Hard I Don’t Know About You, But Adjusting Sure is Hard I haven’t posted for four weeks because I’ve been adjusting to some recent health challenges. For those of you who might be new to this blog, you can read more about my journey here. About a month ago I realized […]

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When I Need Self-Compassion the Most

  There are so many times when I need self-compassion the most. These are often the most difficult times. I got to thinking about this after I received a wonderful question from one of my readers:   “Why is it that during times of grief, loss or disappointment – when I need self-compassion the most, […]

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Are You Tired?

Are You Tired? Notice your response…how did you respond inside when you asked yourself, “Are You Tired?” My guess is that most everyone who asks this question answers, “Yes.” Today I have the pleasure of having one of my new Author friends, Shelly Benoit Hendricks share an encouraging message with you. I asked Shelly to […]

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We All Need Kindness


  We All Need Kindness I had the privilege last week to share with 15 Hospital Chaplains different ways to show others that we all need kindness –not only toward others, but also toward ourselves. Specifically, I shared ways they can teach themselves as well as their patients and their families how to be compassionate […]

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Do What You Can

  Do What You Can It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted because I’ve had a lot going on and I told myself, “Do What You Can.” You know what that’s like, right? You’ve got plans, and stuff to do, but then unexpected things happen and what you hoped for doesn’t occur.   […]

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God Will Give You What You Need!!!

  I want to encourage you that no matter what you are going through, God will give you what you need I was struck by this a few days ago after I was honored to speak to over 50 Therapist and counseling students at Western Seminary, Sacramento. My topic was “Self-Compassion in the Counseling Office” […]

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God Has Not Failed or Disappointed Me


How to Walk Through Pain and Suffering in Our Lives Recently, I was honored to have my friend, Linda ask me to speak to her college class about the above topic.  As I was preparing, I was able to put into words why I believe that God has not failed or disappointed me…despite such difficult […]

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