Kim Fredrickson’s Self-Compassion CD

Compassionate Self-Statements and Self-Soothing Exercises, available as a CD or mp3 download. Compassionate Self-Statements CD

Many of these self-compassionate statements and self-soothing exercises were shared in Kim’s book, Building a Compassionate Relationship with Yourself (no longer in print).

Many people notice that these comforting messages sink in at a deeper level when listened to. These are available for purchase as a CD or as a downloadable mp3 recording read by Kim. Click here to purchase these recordings as a CD, or mp3 download. You can also go to  iTunes (search under Kim Fredrickson) to download as an mp3.

Here are some samples from the CD:

Responding To Yourself With Grace and Truth

Compassion For My Needs

Treating Yourself With Kindness

Building Emotional Closeness in Your Relationships – mp3/handout

Building Emotional Closeness in Relationships

Listen in for helpful and practical information to help you gain understanding and developing skills to help you build emotional closeness in all your relationships.

Without emotional closeness people feel disconnected, misunderstood, and have a hard time recovering from conflicts and difficult experiences.

This helpful and practical workshop is loaded with information and tips to help you build emotional closeness in all your relationships. Special bonuses include helpful articles, a list of questions to help you deepen conversation, and a worksheet to help you build emotional closeness in the relationships most dear to you. This product comes as a zip file you download to your device with an mp3 digital recording of this workshop, and a filled-in handout…all for $10. Buy Now!

Recent Radio Interviews

jodie-stevensPlease click below to hear clips from a recent interview with Jodie Stevens of 103.9 THE FISH. Jodie interviewed Kim about her new book, Give Yourself a Break: Turning Your Inner Critic into a Compassionate Friend.


Clip 1: Kim answers the questions: What caused you to write Give yourself a Break? What is self-compassion and why is it so important? What is the difference between self-compassion and self-esteem? Why is it so hard to be compassionate with ourselves?


Clip 2: Kim answers the question: How does not being compassionate with ourselves negatively affect our relationships?


Clip 3: Kim answers the question: What are ways we can begin building a compassionate relationship with ourselves? Kim talks about the importance of how we talk to ourselves, practice self-care, and self-soothing.


Clip 4: Kim shares about the devastating health issues (breast cancer and pulmonary fibrosis) she has gone through in the last two years, and how self-compassion has really helped. She also shares some helpful advice to those who are facing a chronic or terminal illness.


Janet ParshallClick here to listen to Kim’s recent national radio interview with Janet Parshall on “In the Market”. My part starts at about the 5 minute mark. Kim also takes 5 calls from both men and women toward the end of the hour.


Debbie Chavez - small


Click here to listen to my recent national interview with Debbie Chavez Debbie hosts the Debbie Chavez ShowBiblical Wisdom and Hope for Women!


Bob DutkoPlease click below to hear clips from a recent interview with Bob Dutko of WMUZ 103.5 FM. Bob interviewed Kim about her new book, Give Yourself a Break: Turning Your Inner Critic into a Compassionate Friend.


Clip 1: Kim answers the questions: What is self-compassion and why are we so hard on ourselves? Can self-compassion lead to narcissism?


Clip 2: How does self-compassion fit with honestly examining ourselves? Why is it so hard to also include self-compassion when we look at ourselves honestly? How do we practically apply the principles of self-compassion? Does a lack of self-compassion make us more susceptible to sinning and acting out?



Clip 3: What kind of positive and compassionate statements can we say to ourselves? How do we handle our tendency to compare ourselves to one another? How is self-compassion different from self-esteem? Is self-compassion an issue for both men and women?


dottinthei280newClick here to listen to Kim’s interview by Ivy Donovan, on her radio show, “Dottin the i” Date: July 25th, 2015

In clip 1, Kim shares about the different reasons we struggles to be compassionate with ourselves; How to interact with yourself when you sin or mess up; How being compassionate with yourself helps all of your relationships; How self-compassion is a part of forgiving ourselves, and letting go of past hurts and regrets.

In clip 2, Kim shares about her journey of the last two years being diagnosed with breast cancer and pulmonary fibrosis, and her commitment to herself to be a good friend to herself throughout this process. She also shares how God was preparing her for a different ministry of writing, blogging and speaking amidst such big changes in her life. At the end of the clip Kim shares advice and encouragement to those going through very difficult times, as well as those caring for a loved one in this position.


Mark HalvorsenPlease click below to hear Kim’s recent interview with Mark Halvorsen of WWIB. Mark interviewed Kim about her new book, Give Yourself a Break: Turning Your Inner Critic into a Compassionate Friend. Kim and Mark talk about the importance of the way we talk to ourselves.


Carol HenryClick here to listen to Kim’s recent radio interview with Carol Henry on WKTO on “Daily Moments with Carol Henry“. Kim shares about how important Self-Compassion is for a healthy and balanced life. She shares about how our care for ourselves is affected by how our emotional needs have been met growing up. Hope is shared that no matter how our needs have been met (or not), we can learn to reconnect with ourselves, and become a friend to ourselves throughout the ups and downs of life. Carol shares with listeners the many resources included in Give Yourself a Break: Turning Your Inner Critic into a Compassionate Friend.


Pat WilliamsClick here to listen to my recent interview with Pat Williams (Senior VP of Orlando Magic). My part starts about 30:00. Pat asks about my book, Give Yourself a Break, and I share about clinging to God, hope, and self-compassion in light of a terminal illness.




Click below to hear Susie Larson interview Kim on “Live the Promise” on Faith Radio.

Susie interviews Kim about how important self-compassion is for a healthy and balanced life. Kim shares about the difference between self-care and selfishness, the power of self-compassion and faith, and how the lack of self-compassion negatively affects our relationships with ourselves, others and God.


FISH FAMILY SOLUTIONS with Jodie Stevens, 103.9 THE FISH

Kim is honored to be a regular expert on this radio show, featuring a team of Marriage and Family Therapists providing proven solutions to every day problems to help you live a successful life. You can listen on your radio or online at Click below to hear Kim’s answers to the following questions



Q: “I get nervous as the Holidays approach. How do I take care of myself and handle the stress of the Holidays?”

Click below to hear Kim’s practical ideas to help you make a plan to take care of yourself as you head into the Holidays. For additional help and ideas, click here to read Kim’s blog post, Yikes, The Holidays are Coming!


Q: “How can I emotionally connect with my children in meaningful ways this Christmas?”
Kim shares practical ways to build emotional closeness with your kids… especially during these busy times! Included is a sample conversation you can have with your child.


Q: “Is it OK to have needs or not? Which ones are OK and which ones are selfish?”
Click below to hear Kim share about the healthy God-given needs God has placed in us, as well as three common reasons why Christians struggle with seeing their needs as good. Kim also shares a link to a Needs Assessment you can download.


Q: “How can I be kind to myself when I mess up as a Mom?”
Click below to listen to Kim share about how important kindness and compassion is as a Mom, and some compassionate words you can say to yourself when you mess up. Kim also shares how important it is to apologize to your kids when you goof up, thus showing them how to be compassionate with themselves too. Click here to download a 3 page handout as well, Self-Compassion for Moms


Q: I have a hard time letting go of shame and guilt. How can I let the love God has for me sink deep within?
Click to hear how the inner critic we carry inside stops us from taking in the love and forgiveness God freely offers. Kim shares how learning to be compassionate with yourself helps to calm the inner critic inside which then helps you take in God’s love, grace and forgiveness.

Q: I’m going through really tough times. How do I get through this phase of life in one piece?

Q: How can I tell if an apology is real and the person who hurt me has truly repented? What is the difference between real repentance and fake repentance?

Q: Parenting my teenagers is wearing me out. How can I take care of myself while raising my teens?