Why Our Children Need to Learn Self-Compassion


Our children desperately need to learn how to be compassionate with themselves. They are vulnerable to being hard on themselves because they are constantly learning new things, which involves lots of failure. Teaching self-compassion is not self-pity, where we wallow in the shame of what we have done. It is not self-complacency, where we just […]

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What Does It Mean to Parent with Compassion?

We need compassion Parenting with compassion is a gentle way we can relate to ourselves, especially when we’re struggling with the demands of parenting. It makes such a difference to go through life with a kind friend on the inside rather than a critic who is telling us how we’re messing up. Imagine what it […]

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The Story Behind Give Your Kids a Break

The Behind the Scenes Story… Hello, I wanted to share with you the story of how I came to write Give Your Kids a Break: Parenting with Compassion for You and Your Children. I wasn’t intending to write another book. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and received treatment. Four days after […]

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