A Dream Come True!

Two months ago, I took a bold step to ask for help It was something I never imagined doing. My husband and I just returned from a trip to southern California to visit our family. We drove the 800-mile round trip, breaking it up into 200 miles per day because I get so exhausted traveling […]

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Sustaining Hope…When It’s Hard To Keep Hoping

Sustaining Hope...When It's Hard To Keep Hoping kimfredrickson.com

I’m not big on Hope…even though I have a sign that says Hope on my porch year round. Are you thinking…Wait…what? How can she say that? I want to be encouraged here…. I’m not big on attaching hope to: ~ Outcomes I can’t control ~ People I can’t influence or change ~ Situations in the […]

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Stuck? You Gotta Wiggle!

  Do you ever feel stuck? You know what I mean…stuck…not moving, not sure where to go or how to start. Today I have the privilege of sharing a post from my good friend Susan Reynolds. She shares with us a captivating story with a powerful message: Stuck? You Gotta Wiggle!   “You gotta wiggle!” […]

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God Has Not Failed or Disappointed Me


How to Walk Through Pain and Suffering in Our Lives Recently, I was honored to have my friend, Linda ask me to speak to her college class about the above topic.  As I was preparing, I was able to put into words why I believe that God has not failed or disappointed me…despite such difficult […]

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Sometimes Being Special Isn’t so Great!

Sometimes Being Special Isn’t So Great Do you know what I mean? I’m in a season of life where that is true. I especially need to practice self-compassion during this time. I’ve had a full and effective counseling practice for 30 years, have taught at both the college and graduate level, and have been active […]

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