Encouragement from the Bible

I wanted to share my new hobby! I receive so much encouragement from the Bible, and enjoy creating beautiful pictures with verses from the Bible. I hope they are a blessing to you today!               I’d love to hear from you. Which of these verses encourage you the most? […]

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Learn to Give Without Resentment


Do you struggle with resentment? Do you sometimes feel like you are the one doing all the giving and sacrificing, while others around you aren’t doing their fair share? If the answer is “yes”, then you are not alone. I learned this concept many years ago when I developed a tool to help myself with […]

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Include Yourself in Your Life!

http://kimfredrickson.com/2017/04/12/include-yourself-in-your-life/ graphic stock photo

  Part of developing a compassionate relationship with yourself involves including yourself in your life That may sound strange. Let me explain. So often, for a variety of reasons, we often make decisions about how to spend our precious time, energy, focus, funds, and effort without factoring in our instincts, needs, and desires for our […]

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Setting Healthy Boundaries with Myself


Everyone I know has trouble setting healthy boundaries, myself included! It’s easy to think about how hard it is to set boundaries with the challenging people in your life. What we sometimes forget, is how important it is to set healthy boundaries with ourselves. So that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you today.* […]

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Healthy Relationships – Healthy Self vs. Distorted Self?

Healthy Sense of Self vs. Distorted Sense of Self?     Last week I shared how there are 7 types of mirrors that give us a reflection of who we are. They affect the way our sense of self develops. Today we’ll be digging in deeper to distinguish between a healthy sense of self vs. […]

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Healthy Relationships #3 ~ 7 Types of Mirrors Reflecting YOU

Your view of yourself is greatly influenced by the way others mirrored your thoughts, feelings and actions back to you This is part 3 of Pursuing Healthy Relationships…with God, Ourselves and Others.  Last week I shared that in order to have healthy relationships, you need to have a compassionate relationship with yourself. This begins by […]

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Pursuing Healthy Relationships #1 ~ A Strong Sense of Self


Welcome! I’m Starting a Series Today Entitled: Pursuing Healthy Relationships…With God, Yourself and Others. I’ll be covering four important components of what it takes to have emotionally healthy relationships, and then apply what we learn to our relationships with God, ourselves and others.  I’ll also be sharing even more information during my every other week […]

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Here’s How God is Prompting Me…How About You?

God has been prompting me in unexpected ways, How about you? The last 4 years have been a wild ride for me. God has been prompting me to minister to others in ways that I could have never imagined. You don’t have all day, so here’s a quick recap…along with some questions for you. 2013 […]

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See the Beauty in You


It’s so easy to miss the beauty around us A friend sent me a video on facebook a few days ago. It shows how easy it is to miss the beauty around us, including the beauty in you. I encourage you to watch or listen, and pay special attention to the wonderful message at the […]

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When Christmas is a Mixed Bag

A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t imagine writing this blog post But here I am…so I thought I’d keep it real. The last two weeks have been mixed – to say the least. Dec 1- 4  We went to So Cal to visit my 93 year-old father who has lung cancer, and my husband’s […]

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