Learn to Give Without Resentment


Do you struggle with resentment? Do you sometimes feel like you are the one doing all the giving and sacrificing, while others around you aren’t doing their fair share? If the answer is “yes”, then you are not alone. I learned this concept many years ago when I developed a tool to help myself with […]

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Step Out and Seek Help for What Matters to You


I just took a bold step to ask for help I have a big goal that really matters to me. Our son is getting married in a little less than two months. We love his fiancé’ and are thrilled about their wedding. We’ve been planning a way to attend for well over a year. We […]

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Healthy Relationships #3 ~ 7 Types of Mirrors Reflecting YOU

Your view of yourself is greatly influenced by the way others mirrored your thoughts, feelings and actions back to you This is part 3 of Pursuing Healthy Relationships…with God, Ourselves and Others.  Last week I shared that in order to have healthy relationships, you need to have a compassionate relationship with yourself. This begins by […]

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Healthy Relationships #2 – Who Told You Who You Are?

This is part 2 of Pursuing Healthy Relationships…with God, Ourselves and Others. Last week I shared that in order to have healthy relationships, you need to have a compassionate relationship with yourself. This begins by having a strong sense of yourself.  As you try to develop a solid sense of who you are as a […]

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5 Critical Keys to Succeeding at Your New Year’s Resolutions

Want to Succeed at Your New Year’s Resolutions? Today it is my pleasure to have my friend and colleague, Susan Reynolds, MFT share 5 critical keys to help you succeed at your New Year’s Resolutions. You will be inspired by her personal story of success, and her practical tips. Hello, it is a pleasure to […]

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See the Beauty in You


It’s so easy to miss the beauty around us A friend sent me a video on facebook a few days ago. It shows how easy it is to miss the beauty around us, including the beauty in you. I encourage you to watch or listen, and pay special attention to the wonderful message at the […]

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When Christmas is a Mixed Bag

A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t imagine writing this blog post But here I am…so I thought I’d keep it real. The last two weeks have been mixed – to say the least. Dec 1- 4  We went to So Cal to visit my 93 year-old father who has lung cancer, and my husband’s […]

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Each Day is a Gift!

Each Day is a Gift! www.kimfredrickson.com

Yes, Each Day is a Gift! It’s been two weeks since Thanksgiving, and I am grateful that I am still in the land of the living this Holiday season, and what a blessing each day and each breath is. Of course, keeping it real…I wish I didn’t have pulmonary fibrosis, and I wish I wasn’t […]

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Healthy Holiday Expectations

Healthy Holiday Expectations kimfredrickson.com

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so I wanted to share some helpful holiday expectations with you today. Just so you know, it is normal to have a mixture of feelings as the Holidays approach. We all know the positives – Yummy food, meaningful religious celebrations, decorations, beauty of the lights, special moments with family and friends, […]

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Emotional Closeness in Relationships

Building Emotional Closeness in Your Relationships

I figured something out about a month ago. I have been writing and speaking about emotional closeness in relationships for 30 years. First I taught parents how to build emotional closeness with their children and teens. Then, I taught couples and others to build emotional closeness in their relationships.  Finally, I spoke and wrote about […]

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